So, I ordered a pair of these from eBay the other day – and they came. They’re bigger than they looked in the photo.

engine mount on ebay

This is the photo from eBay. I thought “hmmm – that’s probably a 10mm bore hole, and that’ll do nicely”. They’re nicely made – machined from solid and the bush is very secure in there – no complaints.




Below is the reality … they’re HUGE.



That’s a pound coin on top. The bore in the bush is 15mm, and the mounting holes are 14mm. Far too large for my needs. I will have to decide what to do to reduce them.


I’m thinking of borrowing a friend’s lathe and machining a set of inserts – the mounting bolts only need to be m8, and you can’t buy a m15 bolt. I can either ream it out to 16mm or make an insert and take it down to 10. 3mm thickness in the walls will be more than sufficient.

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