Shiny results with the soda-blaster

So, two compressors are in place, and plumbed. They just go into a V and into the main feed to the retractable air-lines. I need to produce a bypass so the air doesn’t go over the oiler. The oiler is nearly empty at the moment so I didn’t worry. However, when it comes to refilling it, then I will need to bypass else I’ll be oiling my soda.

Now, to the pictures. This is the inside of the rocker cover, half cleaned to show the brown lacquer. This has already been through the parts washer to try and get most of the crud off.

Below is the crank cradle – it looks factory fresh but was as skanky as the inside of the rocker cover. Needless to say the entire engine is going to get this treatment inside and out.

Heath Robinson Compressor Arrangement

Hmm – going to be time for ‘interesting plumbing“. I’m going to run two compressors in parallel to get the air-flow I need for soda-blasting. Lorraine (My sister) is bringing the extra airline plumbing parts I need, and I have a new soda-specific flow-metering valve and 50kg of soda. This means I can get the air-flow I need for about £100, rather than having to buy a compressor at £380. Fairly pleased with that. What’s more, I can now bypass the oiler when I need to so I have really clean air for the soda and lubricated air for the power tools.

Tomorrow is going to be a blast (geddit?). Pics and vids will follow.

The only thing that is going to be slightly tricky is getting the Y argon cylinder out of the way to fit the compressor. It’s chained to the wall for safety.
The plan is to professionally clean my engine at home, and I’ve now got all the bits to make it shiny factory new.