So, this is the second strengthening rail in place. Unlike the one on the left which replaces an existing cross member, this one on the right is entirely new. The original chassis didn’t have one of these, so I think this is an improvement. If nothing else, it satisfies my need for symmetry.

When you look down from the top of the engine, the only thing that would foul a simple extraction of the engine is the starter-motor. Not too tough to undo that if and when I need the engine out.

I’m out of argon now, so could only seam it in on two sides. I’ll get more gas next week – this bottle (BOC, Y Cylinder) didn’t seem to last very long (previous one lasted ages). I need to find another supplier in Harrogate, I think.

My next plan is to fabricate a demountable strut-brace that starts from the new front pipe joining areas and goes around the front of the engine, with 20mm clearance. I don’t yet know if I’ll weld the tube or bend it. Ideally I’ll bend it.

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