BOM for access hatch, lower part; positive lessons learned

Bill of Materials

  • 3 layers of 300gsm cloth
  • 80g of mixed resin consumed (120g wasted)
  • mixed with fast hardener

Lessons Learned

  • I mixed too much resin (195g mixed: 150g of resin, 45g of hardener) and had 130 left in the pot afterwards. When the exotherm kicked in, the resin in the pot got to 82C. I should not to be thrown in the bin until it’s cold again, else there will be fire. I always leave pots like this out overnight.
  • I’d not want to just mix 80g because it would be dragging bubbles through as it ran out in the pot, so some waste is inevitable. I’ll go more for 120g mixed next time.
  • Degassing the resin makes a difference to how much air bubbles over the part. I used the catch-pot which doesn’t have a huge capacity and the lid is as splattered as a plaster’s radio so it’s not easy to see how much it bubbles. However, it did bubble a lot
  • 5 mins degassing (not quite enough) and a slow infusion (10m or so) was just enough before I could feel the cup start to warm up. It was a couple of minutes from gelling, so I turned the resin feed off.
  • There was much less resin bubbling up the exit tube, so that tube wasn’t scrap (yeayy).

Cure Time

I’m giving it 1hr at 40C, then 6hr at 60C. This will give it the maximum theoretical strength.

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