monitoring the engine temperature, pretty LEDs

Hmmm – when I build this engine, there are lots of things to sense (which go to the engine management system). However, there’s lots of data to actually display, which can be done on a piggy-back loom to the engine management.

For instance, there are multiple places to sense temperature, and other things, all grouped together as a set of systems. So, for fuel, the pump in the tank will warm it up, and the (to be fitted) fuel radiator will cool it back down again. So, I could put a sensor in just outside of the tank, after the regulator, after the fuel radiator, and in the return to the tank, so I can monitor fuel temperature and pressure. If I put some storage in the arduino I can over time, log most data.

Similarly, oil temperature before and after the cooler, as well as the head temperature inlet and exhaust are interesting, as is water in similar places can all be monitored, displayed and alerted. I could go the route Saab do, and have a black-panel button as well to keep the eye-clutter down at night.

So, rather than go for a gajillion gauges, I’m looking at going the micro-controller route, and the display shown here is available for $130; not bad for the eye-candy.