Chassis cut out now, ready for part manufacture

IMG_0894So, now I’ve managed to get the entire squabs and transmission tunnel cut out, ready to take the entire floorpan CF part.

It looks somewhat bare and scary, no? Overall, I’ve cut 22kg of steel and ally out of this arrangement, and some of it was especially difficult to get out. I’ve also cut out the harness mound points out as well – I’m going to reposition these as hard points in the composites when I know where I want the seat.

I’m going to go for post-fit hardpoints, in a sandwich arrangement. What I will do is drill the hole through the tub for the eyebolt hole, then use an allen key in a drill inserted in the hole to worry out the closed-cell foam core, and then I’ll fill this hole with an epoxy/glass bead filler. This will create a hard point to bold through.

In order to be belt and braces, I will also then put a bonded in stainless plate on the front, and the harness mounting plate, bonded on the back. This should give great anchorage. I will make a test panel as well to test this.

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