Dry stack weight

This is a sample stock of the cloth I’m going to use in the final tub.i’ve waited now and I’m going to wait again after I have infused and peeled it out so that I can understand just how much redding it up salt. This stack is 200 mm X 200 mm Square. 

I will feed the approximate dye mentions of the top into my CAD package to get the square service area and then do some addy ups and divides which will tell me how much the stack ought to weigh. 


3 thoughts on “Dry stack weight

    • The stack from underneath the car, is:

    • kevlar, 1 layer, 300gsm
    • carbon, 2 layers, 600gsm per layer
    • e-glass, 1 layer, 200gsm
    • closed cell foam core, 10mm
    • e-glass, 1 layer, 200gsm
    • carbon, 2 layers, 600gsm per layer
    • carbon, 1 layer, 300gsm
    • The reasoning behind the layup is aramid on the bottom for impact protection, 4 layers of heavy duty carbon for strength, and 2 layers of 2-glass to give some splinter absorption should something penetrate the e-glass.

      when I tested this layup it had a deflection of over 100kg/mm which should be great for me.

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