First panel of the mould done

 Not a lot to see really. 4 layers of 450 down. Rollered in with a bristle roller, and a heater in there on low to be sure the exotherm kicks in at these temps and 1% catalyst. 

This is the first time I’ve used mould making resin and it’s odd stuff. Very gloopy. It also dissolves the binder brilliantly. 


2 thoughts on “First panel of the mould done

  1. Nah – each layer is offset to the other by 1″, so the whole panel can go off on its own. When I lay the next one to it, I will lay in a complimentary offset so I always have 4 layers stacked.

    I laid it up with 1% catalyst by weight and thought it would go off quickly, but even with the heater in there (admittedly on mild setting, not “nuke the car” setting, it’s still not totally gone off. Where the warm air has been hitting it, it’s set, but at the top, it’s a dry tack, not fully set.

    when it sets, it will exotherm, so I’m hoping I get good coupling all the way.

    This is a one-shot mould, so I don’t need to get too concerned.

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