First template for the core

This is for the side. It’s a complex shape so multiple pieces of card cut-and-shut. Once I’ve transferred this to a 5mm core I will cut the core and heat shape it to the side. 

I’m using solid core rather than flexible in pursuit of minimum weight. 

2 thoughts on “First template for the core

    • I’m using Airex T92 from It’s closed-cell and perfect for composites. They do two kinds, and the T90 is similar but with fire-resistant qualities, which I don’t need. The T92 is actually a little stronger and cheaper as a result.

      For thermoforming, I did a little experimenting, and a hot air gun wafted about is enough to make it flex. It’s odd in that it’s still springy until it’s cold, then it’s set. So warm it, form it, and keep it in that form until it’s cold again.

      It’s a great price as well, but they don’t put their prices on the website. The 10mm stuff can be bought pre-scored and holed as well. On mine, the holes didn’t line up where they should be, but it was scored well. I was happy to poke more holes in. The 5mm needs scoring and holes.

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