Flywheel is on


IMG_2617Well, after planning everything carefully on this, I ended up rushing it in anyway – I had cleaned all the mating surfaces with acetone, put thread-lock on the bolts and using my artists paint-brush, painted ARP ultra-torque under the ARP bolt head. Bolts were turned in hand-tight.

Then, I thought … I’m going to need to lock the flywheel, and got my one-size-fits-everything-but-a-duratec universal flywheel locking tool. No worries – a bit of bar, a couple of bolts, a bit of plate with teeth cut out and an inch of weld, and I have a custom tool.

Then I thought … meh – it’s 10pm and I need an early night, so I started to pack away. At that point a little voice in my head reminded me that there was thread-lock on the bolts, so I needed to do something pretty sharpish.

I grabbed an old head-bolt, dropped it though one of the flywheel holes and wedged it against a rib on the block. 2 minutes later and I had the bolts torqued up.

I torqued them to 95 lbs/ft, and did it in 3 increments of 30 lbs/ft per time. The fastening sequence was to fasten opposites. 95 lbs/ft is looking tight, on the tightness scale.

Mild setback averted.

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