Fury Handbrake Cable – ooooOOO preparation, that’s what you need

Meh – it’s all about preparation. I’ve removed the rear diff carriers to powder coat them and get them ready, and then it dawned on me – handbrake cable. Bugger.


The handbrake cable (dunno what flavour it is anymore) was cable-tied to the diff carrier in a couple of places to make it route. I didn’t p-clip it because the car was built as a rolling chassis at the time I bought it and I converted it from drums to disks, so a different cable was needed to the original. This is made more difficult because you can’t easily get to the weird sides of the carriers when they are in situ to screw p-clips. When the body is also on, and the entire rear suspension is in place, it’s even harder. Hence it was put in place with cable ties.

Like a pair of nylon pants, the cables have chaffed now.

So, last night was to put the diff carrier back in place, work out where the brackets needed to go, mark up and weld up. Then drill the brackets to take M4 bolts for p-clips. Two brackets in, four to go: two brackets on each carrier, and one each side of the chassis.  The end result will be that the handbrake cables now are properly suspended in mid air, and routed sensibly.

Speedo Sensor Mount

In a similar manner, I’ve also moved the speedo sensor mounting bracket from the top of the diff carrier down to the floor. The main reason was to create space in the top of the transmission tunnel for the fuel-tank to go in there. I’d hate to have to make a recess in the tank to accommodate the sensor otherwise – just isn’t worth it. It also game me an opportunity to put the whole unit on the bench to position it to get the maximum amount of the face of the Hall-effect sensor facing the diff/propshaft mating bolt head. I’ve struggled a bit in the past with this and have had to bend the bracket now and again. Hopefully this is a done deal.

It’s all about preparation – taking time now to put a few brackets in place will mean the handbrake cable should fit and route in a few minutes when the chassis is back from the powder-coaters. Mental note to self, fit the handbrake cable when the diff-carrier is going back in, not afterwards – it’s a pig. Worse if the body is on.

It’s a right pain to do now, but I’ll feel very smug when it all goes back together quickly later.


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