Getting there in the big bake-off 

  This is the multi surface temperature, so I know that I will be getting towards the exotherm.

4 thoughts on “Getting there in the big bake-off 

    • Well, if you get it right, then you don’t suffer like I did. Reading the data sheet for these resins, they should be at 20C, and the mould should be at a minimum of 15C. For the system EC sell, they also say you should catalyse at a minimum of 1.5% by weight. This means that you are more or less guaranteed it goes off really quickly and you get a fast exotherm. You also need to be 4 layers thick of 450gsm, which again acts like an insulator and when the first layer goes off, it will radiate heat up in to the outer layers and they will go off even faster. It should exotherm at 40C all on its own, so you will definitely be able to feel that.

      I’m learning all the time here.

        • Overnight. No reason more than timing to do the work. You can get going once it’s achieved full tack. It doesn’t fully set in air, so the coupling coat also sets the gel coat.

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