Half the tub glassed. 

4 layers of 450gsm, and whatever tooling resin Nord produce. I’ve almost finished now, but calculate I need about 3kg more resin than I have, so have stopped. It was a bummer because I had enough time to get totally done. Better order another 25kg   

It has a much lower styrene content than laminating resin as well, which is nice. I catalysed it at 1% and that was enough. For mixing 1kg the brush was just starting to drag as the pot was finishing. 

I expected a harsher exotherm though. But puzzled at that. I will post cure the mould though. 


5 thoughts on “Half the tub glassed. 

    • It’s Nord tooling system. There are about eight blends of it but I don’t know which I’m using, I asked a friend for advice and this was the right one for me. He has his own composite company so I just took his advice.

    • Sorry, that wasn’t a very helpful response. For most people most of the resins either supplied by EC or East Coast or anyone else are probably excellent. What I’m learning is using ordinary laminating resin for moulds means that you will get some expansion and shrinkage. This gives you microfine cracks on the mould surface which eventually will transfer to your part, or mean that your mould fails.

        • It’s about £100 for 25kg, and I think a few people repackage/white label this stuff. I buy mine through a friend, so the retail price is a little masked from me. Most of the systems seem to be similar, and the blending is in the fillers.

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