Lotus fully adjustable hubs – prototype for mine?

So, a while ago, ceebmoj from the project cyan blog asked me about some fully adjustable hubs my friend Simon (from Cornering Force – chassis dynamists) made some fully adjustable hubs for his Lotus Esprit race car, and I said I’d get some photos. It’s total car pron.






This is what the blank looks like – made from a piece of billet aluminium about 50mm thick. You can’t laser cut this that thick, so it is water-cut under-size by about 5mm all the way around. This is because the jet is less accurate on the far side of the cut. However, the facing side of the cut is accurate. So, you then start on the facing side and machine it all the way through accurately. Then you have both sides accurate.




This is the hub with the bearing bolted on. Simon found a bolt-on bearing that was the right size for the Lotus. Then, of course, the hub was designed to take the bolt pattern.







IMG_1854.JPGNow we have it from the other side with the caliper and disk attached so you get an idea of just how it is fully mounted. The piece at the bottom allows fully adjustable bottom wishbone height by varying the shims.






IMG_1855.JPGHere is the shiny lovliness going up the back.






I hope you pleasured yourself over this, and normal service will result soon.



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