New injectors, and poor ebay seller

So, my four new injectors arrived, rated as good for 304cc/min.

They turned up from an ebay seller, and are weber iw-058s. They came in Magneti-Marelli packaging, and they manufacture injectors for weber anyway. Looking up the specification, they are rated as 215bhp with a 73.5% duty cycle, so I have room to grow.

Now comes the crappy ebay bit. The photo made them look (taken when the guy got them from the re conditioners) and when they came to me, they looked scruffy (at least they did smell of petrol). When you blow them up though, you can see that they’re missing a pintile (second in from the right).

I’m going to put it into the ebay feedback, but all isn’t lost. I was going to get a refurb kit anyway to add new seals, spacers etc, just to be safe. I can get a service kit from Mr Injector for £11.44 that has all the bits in.

But still, it’s a little crappy shipping them without even arsing to clean them or putting all the bits in.

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