Notes on applying Meguiar’s No 16 Wax

So, again, thanks to Vic, I’ve started applying wax to the transmission tunnel in order to both give it a decent shine and put a layer of release in there. The wax won’t be the only release agent I will use – i will also spray a healthy coat of PVA on there as well. When the whole thing is blue, it’s safe 🙂

The wax is Meguiar’s No16 paste wax, and is great stuff. It’s a lot thinner than the mould release wax I have used in the past, which took some polishing off with a micro-fibre cloth. This time, I have started using a red polishing head on my rotary polisher, and that’s making light work of buffing it. It should do considering it’s on a nice large flat surface.

Lessons Learned

  • Put it on thinly – if you clag it on you just spend more time polishing it off, wasting wax. A nice thin coat means the polisher can whiz over it and bring out the shine all the quicker
  • speed setting on the polisher is between 3 and 4
  • it takes a while to dry and glaze over – I left it overnight which isn’t the norm at all, and it was 5C in the garage. This, I think, is a reflection on my operating conditions rather than the wax

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