Pedal boxes


There are a few things I don’t like about the original pedal box, or there are ways in which it isn’t suitable for me any more. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad pedal box at all but I have some reservations:

  • The original clutch pedal was specced for cable clutch, and I now need hydraulic with the new engine. I could modify it but it wouldn’t be that simple and would take a lot of time.
  • the the brake pedal (whilst with bias) wasn’t adjustable from the cockpit, and I couldn’t get the central bearing to not fall out without blocking it with washers. Blocking it with washers wasn’t such a bad idea though because it passed SVA with that, cross-drilled shaft and locking r-clips. It also rattled a little.
  • The pedal pivot mechanism was a bolt in a sleeve, and I want somethin g a little more sophisticated, like bearings
  • The throttle pedal went up through the top of the footwell, was roof mounted (if you  like) and left a big hole where it protruded into the engine bay. this fails scrutineering because you cant have a point where fluid (hot, burning fluid I assume) can get from the engine bay into the footwell

So, rather than re-engineer it or make one myself, I just went and bought an
Optimum Balance Products race pedal box, with dual accelerator cable adapter block and cockpit balance adjuster.

So, I’ve gone from the old to the new.

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