PVA Partially applied, and a mistake, I think


IMG_1647.JPGSo, here’s the tub, with a dust cover over the top. Great, thinks I – all is now ready for spraying. To be sure it’s ready, I have vacuumed it and cleaned it with a micro-pore cloth and panel-wipe.







Now, I’ve started spraying the PVA. There’s still lots to do though – I want a nice thick heavy coat on. It’s a shiny finish PVA, but it’s not coming up as shiny as the original back on the poly board.

So, my potential problem is that I have left it a little tacky when I put the dust cover back on. It will, or it won’t stick. It is release film so I stand a chance. worst case is I get a sponge brush from East Coast Fibreglass, and they reckon you can get a good finish from that.

Needless to say, I can resurrect some of the finish imperfections here in the final part. The final part will have an outer layer of clear gel-coat which will take a bit of flatting and polishing if I need it to.

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