Shocker bottom brackets are finished – part 1


here are the two brackets. Each is 6mm thick to give strong support to the bolt – it’s not rotating but being shoved backwards and forwards. If you don’t use a decent thickness of steel, the holes will oval in no time and the bracket will lose it’s precision and things will rattle about.

The shocker has a 1/2″ spherical bearing in there, and will be coming in at an angle of about 40 degrees from the vertical, hence providing some back gusseting support.




Also, the back plate was 2mm going onto 6mm steel, so needed a little careful welding. I made a mistake on the first one (which you can see above on the right – the fillet is too big). I was running 95A which is good for getting a good puddle up on 6mm steel with a 1.6mm rod. I forgot to take it down to 85A when putting the gusset in (2mm corner fillet). however, I spotted my mistake and this side here is the result.


Tomorrow, I pick up some more argon and then these will go on the car.


2 thoughts on “Shocker bottom brackets are finished – part 1

  1. Hello, i found in your blog à sump for Duratec 2.0 and i would like to know if you have thé draw or a CAD modèle. On Locostbuilder i found thé same sump made by Flak Monkey but he never told me. I have a Seven with à pinto and i want more power. Sorry for my english.

    • Hi Patrick. I will email flack to see if he responds. However, I did make a stainless version of this sump that I don’t need any more. It’s never been on a car. If you would like to buy it, give me a shout.

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