So, why am I doing this?

This post should also possibly be titled:

extra organs when i need them

  • a potted history of Fury ownership,
  • hillclimbing
  • chopping off a finger end
  • hill climbing and crashing
  • rebuilding
  • mothballing
  • kids
  • what the hell happened to my powdercoat?

To introduce my car to you, I originally nailed my Fury together and put it on the road about nine years ago, when it was Fisher Sportscars, no less.

It wasn’t an easy build, mainly down to the not so great instruction manual; the lack of quality photo resources; my expectation that things would just fit and a level of caution that meant I wanted to take it carefully. This was compounded by working away and having two kids who also took up time. It happens to us all.

Over the course of the years, I’ve found that the powder coat has started to peel off in many places, some in odd places, some in expected places, and some places not quite so accessible to an enterprising gentleman with a tin of Hammerite and a liking for solvent fumes. Generally I’ve bodged over the rust but the time has come to fix this once and for all and return the chassis to as-new condition.

As well as the car shedding it’s powder coat like a dog scratching fleas, there have been other things that have affected the condition of the car such as and crashing it at Harewood. I did this at a while ago and used it as an excuse to make some modifications. These repairs, the mods and future opportunities for modification will be described as you go through the blog. Some will be video, and some will be old fashioned words and pictures.

Wind the clock forward three years from the crash and my road car went back to the lease company (270 BHP Saab convertible). This meant having to get a new family box. Things took a positive turn when H (my wife) suggested rather than take on a new lease car, why don’t I spend the money refurbing my Fury and get a more sensible family car. Who would turn down an opportunity like that?

So, the cunning plan is a full chassis-off strip, re-powder coating, weld, build, fabricate, strengthen, engine swap, rebuild and a few choice modifications on the way. And to add some new bits.

Welcome on board.

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