Stainless, Rubber backed, sprung washers

sprung washers

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. I was looking for a clever way of bolting my carbon to the chassis, without having washers bite into the surface and damage the epoxy. Once quick bit of googling and I found these washers.



As you can see from the washer in the middle, they’re beveled and rubber backed so that when the load is applied, they go flat and the rubber forms a seal. Unexpectedly, I got them from a company specialising in pest deterrent and they’re for attaching anti-pigeon spikes to the sides of buildings and forming a water-tight seal on the way. Perfect for racing cars because they have a M6 hole, are sprung to remove vibration issues, stainless so won’t rust, and water-tight.

The company is PestFix – give them a ring – they’re a nice bunch and got a laugh and were interested in how these were being applied.

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