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There are multiple ways to follow this blog.

Old Skool

You can feed your email address into the main page at the top of the page, and the blog will update you whenever anything changes.

This is perfect if you like the blog to be your special reading when you’re contemplating the world on the bog.

What the kids are doing

You can go for the facebook stalking option, by searching for on facebook. That way, you can subscribe to me and I can see you. It of course doesn’t let me gain any access to your Facebook, or you of mine, so that’s all lovely. One word of warning is that posts that appear in Facebook are summarised and you don’t get to read the full monty unless you click the title. The good news is that facebook comments are now reflected in the blog. This makes me happy.

You can comment of course, and authorise yourself for comments through facebook.

For the Technocrati

You can now also subscribe via rss – it’s at the top right hand corner of the page. I’m starting to think of this as the needy neglected emo corner with daddy issues that is desperate for approval. Either way, click the stuff and your daddy may love you a little bit for it, or maybe just ignore you less.

3 thoughts on “Stalk Me

  1. Was reading old thread, have knackered the engine in my kit car and looking for a “new” 2.0ltr pinto – is our still available for sale?

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