sump kit ordered

So, I’ve ordered the plans for flakmonkey’s duratec sump. I’ve ordered the parts to be cut in stainless from Yorkshire Profiles. I didn’t ask if they were laser or water cutting it (ideally water – no need to heat the stainless up) and the thickest part is the flange to engine at 5mm.

Interestingly, the economics of getting parts cut mean that the unit cost drops rapidly once the job has been set up.

The costs break down as follows:

Quantity Overall Price Unit Price inc vat % reduction
1 £106.99 £106.99 £128.39 0%
2 £136.58 68.29 £81.95 36%
5 £302.20 60.44 £72.53 43.5%

What this doesn’t include is the £10 I spent buying the plans, costs of argon or stainless rods. Nor does it include a license to reproduce from the set of plans I bought. The chap selling them didn’t mention reproduction but if I was to flog a sump, I’d pay him another £10.

So, I’ve ordered two sets of sump parts in 304 stainless. Nice to weld. Nice and clean. Very easy to get a neat tig weld.

If you were to buy a cast sump the costs come in at £350 onwards, and even a welded stainless one (specific for a MK2 escort) comes in at £300+.

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