symmetry in the Fury Dashboard

Someone on the LocostBuilders forum was asking about good dashboard design, and I’m rather proud of mine, so here it is.

Things of interest are that the second gauge in from the left is a triumph multi-indicator dash dial, that shows indicators, oil, etc. They’re very rare now, and I couldn’t even find a photo on ebay to show you what they look like up close.

I did try hard to get a good-looking layout, and the secret was symmetry. The difficulty was that the wiring harness was designed to put all the gauges in a line, rather than where I wanted them (i.e. no gauge obscured by the steering wheel, etc). As such, the harness had to be chopped and extended extensively behind the dash.

The tacho is behind the steering wheel and canted over so 7500PRM is vertical.

Finally, watch out for the electronic gauges. I found that the vibrations when racing eventually knacked most of the electrical gauges such as oil pressure, so I replaced them with mechanical capillary gauges from VDO. Definitely worth the investment.

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