The medicinal powers of cosmopolitans

So, I was feeling fairly crap and out of energy yesterday, culminating in a bit of a bollix of a day. I didn’t go into the garage even though I felt like I was losing a day; instead i relaxed, watched telly, snoozed and tried and failed to resurrect a dead windows XP machine that has my Alibre Design CAD installation on.

Going into the evening, infinitely better half and myself decided we’d have a couple of cosmopolitans. Why am I telling you this? because I feel really good this morning. The medicinal effects have so worked out. I’m also a caring sharing type of person, so here’s the recipe for you (for 2 people at a time):

  • 4 shots vodka
  • 2 shots triple-sec
  • four shots cranberry juice
  • juice of 2 limes
  • fill the remaining volume in your shaker up with ice
  • shake a lot to get the ice desolving

serve. Add more ice to your glass if you are not going to drink it quick enough.


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