Time to start rewiring

Hmmm. Old crusty harness weighs 5kg. It’s a rats nest and on very old technology. Let’s see what I can do about it.

2 thoughts on “Time to start rewiring

  1. Is it an old mk2 Escort loom?
    Are you going to keep the colours the same?
    Are they fiesta indicator connectors?
    What are you doing regarding the indicators?

    • It is, adapted by Fisher for the fury, and then again for my requirements (for instance, I wanted to use a Triumph centre information bezel). it was on mk2 escort stalks. It’s 20 years old now, and based on technology 25 years older than that. So, time for some modern thinking. I’m going to use a freewheel controller (https://blinkstop.co.uk/shop/freewheel), and probably a pair of small PDMs. I’m also going to up the wiring spec, and where I can go for high end connectors (maybe Deutche).

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