Trying out some new products

So, I was taking a wander around East-Coast Fibreglass because I needed more 100gsm chopped strand map to act as the first layer when laying up to prevent print-through in a mould. I came across something called Finishline Polyester Veil. What you’d normally do is put a layer of 100gsm chopped strand mat down first, and let that go off. Then put your heavy 450 down afterwards.

This stuff, being a felt doesn’t need a binder (to hold the chopped strands together) which means (apparently) it has a better chemical grip on the gel-coat. Then, once it’s set, you can put the final 4 layers of 450gsm down. Hopefully this will give me a great finish and is really cheap. I have had print-through before, so I know not to let this happen.

Then I discovered that Marbocoat do a release agent called Fastcote, which you wipe on and it leaves a shiny release surface. I called them today and it is good for epoxy. Fantastic. Everything that contributes to a nice surface finish is welcome.

I will test it first before I use it, I think.


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