Tub nearly finished

so, here is the tub, and here are some of the gaps. The gaps aren’t going to be a problem because all the in the corners need to have a radiused edge. I will be doing this with plasticine and the radius ball. At the end of this I should have really neat lined edges.

Then it’s ready for the mould making process. Actually it’s not, first I need to put all the flanges on in order to actually pu the mould  in this, but it’s nearly there.

I also have some of the polypropylene sheet in the tub which is still a little bit flexible. I’ll be getting in behind that with expanding foam to give it a backing layer to stop it flexing. I will need to cover some of the suspension with release sheet first otherwise the expanding form will stick to it and everything will be an unholy mess. I’m also going to have to take the engine and gearbox out now. I don’t want them to get covered in gelcoat when I start spraying.



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