Vacuum bagging – joy of joys

There’s a great joy in doing a vacuum test on a bag and seeing that it’s held vacuum, before you infuse. That’s what I did last night. Admittedly it dropped somewhat over night, but not enough to cause me issues, especially since I was planning to pop the part in the oven with the pump on anyway.

So, I made a mistake though. When I’d bagged up, I hadn’t actually fitted the tube to the inlet, when I was testing the vacuum, which meant cutting the bag (in the approved manner) to push the tube through and seal it against the silicon connector.

However, fitting the connector and reestablishing vacuum gives me quite a strong leak – either my connector seal isn’t good (unlikely), or the tiny hole I had has been made worse by slacking and reestablishing vacuum – far more likely.

So, I’ll check the seal because that’s quick, otherwise it’s another scrap bag and time to try again. I don’t want to chance infusing over it because there’s already the first half (infusion up to the core) in there and mullering the second half will scrap all that good work already done.


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