Video of footwell layup pt1, 20x speed

Well, I finally laid a youtube egg.

The video below shows the template making and layup of the composite footwell, covering

  • getting the core material the right shape
  • cutting templates of the cloth
  • layup testing
  • spraying gelcoat
  • realising i need more practice at spraying gel-coat
  • painting the gel-coat
  • being unhappy with that and ripping it out

Comments are especially welcome.

2 thoughts on “Video of footwell layup pt1, 20x speed

  1. good question – the soric core (the white folding stuff) is part of it, and if it will fold and fit, you can guarantee the rest of the cloth will. The original soric trial core was actually made with bits of paper and tape. The only drawback from that is that the paper won’t easily capture the 16mm radius chamfer in the 90 degrees where the mould sides meet the base, and the tape is less stiff, so again it doesn’t end up too accurate.

    Once I have the paper template right, I move on to soric. I also should point out that I was originally going to have the core wrap up on to the flange, but was advised by Warren that it was better leaving it 5mm shy of the flange – hence all the trimming.

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