Wheels for Sale – 4 TSW Alloys for a fisher fury – 195x50x15

So, there’s 4 of these, and they’ve done less than 2000 miles, and have between 5.5mm and 6mm of tread. they’re barely scrubbed in. Two of the wheels have been scuffed, and two are in great condition.

The tyres are Toyo Proxes T1-S, which is the stickiest compound tyre I could have in class 5C hill-climbing. These darlings cost me over £400 with the tyres, so make me an offer.

The good wheels look like this:











And the scuffed wheel number 1 loos like this. These are real up-close shots so you know there’s nothing to hide, but they look fine from a normal distance.

















and the second looks like this where it’s had a little gravel rash:


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