When PVA goes wrong

When trying to overspray the PVA with a very dilute solution, we find it fish-eyes and no amount of brush-work puts it right. 

Peel it off, wash it off, and start again

 I could have gone for leaving the matte finish from the original PVA I laid down but then that would have negated all the benefits of using the really nice shiny plastic. Only option is to clean it all off and start again. If I was to go with a matte finish, it would mean lots of time spent polishing parts rather than letting the part material do the work for me.


3 thoughts on “When PVA goes wrong

  1. Thanks – there’s a huge, huge amount of time going into this, but it’ll be worth it. The filler is plasticine. It goes down pretty well with the radius ball. It’s quite a zoned out experience doing it.

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