forex update

update on last week – 35 pips down on the week due to a series of misplaced trades. note to self, if you’re awake at 5am and shouldn’t be, don’t trade. I mis-read my own signals. It took the 100+ pips trade on friday to bring it back to that defecit. I think this was further hampered by being out of the main sessions, so liquidity is low and swings are faster. or something.

After this mess, I’ve refined my own signals and analysed each trade that went south and am more cautious. As a result, I took 10 pips from a sluggish market yesterday when traditionally on a monday I do badly. Could have been 30 but i wasn’t ready to pull out (things peaked early). However, i did get signals of a reversal so closed trades with some profit. Overnight, that’s what the market did so i’m glad i got out.

Sometimes it’s harder to work out when to get out and takes some confidence to close early when the brain goes “when in profit, let it run”

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