3D printed parts for resin infusion

 This is a vacuum exhaust fitting. I’ve designed it to be deliberately flat so the release film will stretch around it. I’ve previously used these silicone connectors from easy composites. They’re quite good and just over 3 pounds each. The connector I’ve printed has a hole for a 6mm hose and a stop at the bottom so the hose just doesn’t sit on the mesh. They also have a larger surface area sat on the mesh to help pull vacuum out. Mine aren’t reusable, and only cost 19p each to print, and take about 15 minutes. 
I did a large infusion for the tub recently, and had no end of problems, to the point of scrapping the tub. I’ll write that up later, but one of the issues was that one of my pipes jumped off the clamp and sucked air in. Rather than use a simple OTS clamp, I’ve printed something specific for a 10mm hose and a 10L bucket. The hose is a snug fit and the height from the bottom of the bucket can be nicely set and held just with friction. No more springing hoses ever again. 

4 thoughts on “3D printed parts for resin infusion

  1. Feed hose clip thing is a fantastic idea. The more infusion im dooing the more i learn its all about the procedures and practices that go with the activity as mutch as the mould prep.

    • I’ve just bought a large degassing vessel that will take a 5L bucket, right up the gumpy. I can degas straight before I infuse to hopefully reduce the chances of pin-holes

  2. It’s a real challenge doing a larger part. I learned a lot but hated scrapping £1000 of material. The good news is the part came out of the mould really easily though, so that stage was right. I’m going to write up a check-list for next time and I’ll put it on here. Simple things like trying to mix 5kg of resin when your scales can’t read that high – next time I’m going to measure it in 1KG jugs and pour into the bucket. Seems obvious now.

    If you want some clips printing let me know – similarly with the exhaust port. I’m using the buckets from east coast Fibreglass. I have their 10L square ones, and have ordered 10 of the 5L ones.

  3. If I ever went in to business selling this stuff, I’d base my product set on the workflow, with the value-adds like the bucket-clips.

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