Aramid drilling Haiku

you think when you work:
fluffy undrillable bitch!
but you need it so
It’s very weird drilling through into this stuff. When drilling from the carbon fiber side:
  • firstly there’s there resistance as the drill sits on the outer epoxy layer before it gets through
  • then it’s turning through the two layers of carbon and turns of carbon come out
  • then the drill falls through the adhesive laminate layer really easily (it’s partly air)
  • then the drill hits the aramid and stops dead. It can’t cut its way through, it has to abrade its way through. eventually. The picture above is actually a hole I’ve cleaned up as best I can with a new stanley knife blade, which blunted in no time.

If you try and go through too quickly with something like a pointy grinding stone you introduce too much heat and delaminate the layers.

Still, it’s done now and in:

fluffy aramid

2 thoughts on “Aramid drilling Haiku

    • It’s a thought – I’ve done the drilling now. If it wasn’t for going into Aramid then it would be fine. I wasn’t confident about placing ferrules there accurately, and hadn’t decided if the switches were staying. I’ve used soric before as a hardpoint in other areas and it’s been fine.

      good idea, in the bank for future.

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