Carbon Fibre Gearbox Mount – time-lapse video

Just a quick video showing the layup and infusion of the new gearbox mount, and then the weigh in, and how it looks on the car. There’s a lot of time-lapse, then some of me talking at the end.


8 thoughts on “Carbon Fibre Gearbox Mount – time-lapse video

  1. I really want to vac bag something it looks so cool.
    I didn’t realise that to de-gas the resin would take over 10 mins.

    Would de-gassing brake fluid be advantageous? (I need an excuse to get a vacuum pump)

    Whats the target weight going to be? Will you attempt the bodywork once its on the road?

    • Yup – I also cut that a little short because I was working with 2/3 fast, 1/3 slow resin.

      I don’t know about brake-fluid. Isn’t if hydrophilic? As for degassing, just exposing it to the air is good enough for some, but after seeing how much comes out, I generally degas. I’m going to modify the chamber to make the resin input pipe come straight through the top. So, once I’ve degassed, I just need to open the tap and let it through.

      Target weight is sub 600, I’m on a diet.

      I totally want to do the bodywork as well. I’ll have a set of moulds then in case I bin it.

  2. Sub 600 should be easy. My one is 610kg and the bodywork is thick thick. plus the fuel tank is huge and 3mm thick ally.

    • I’m going for a big tank as well – my trial Fibreglass one leaked but held 35l. I’m tempted to have it made in ally for speed’s sake, and then convert it to composite later. Once I get the weight out of the bodywork it should be possible to get even lower. Then again, there’s a t45 cage to go in, so that’s going to crank it up the other way.

      • yep. I had Neil weld an equal angle on to the side of the fuel tank and then gusset it. The pump is mounted to the outside on angles fixed to the stand off. The pump is at the same level as the sump, there is a short piece of hose between the sump and pump.

        One tip i would give would be to run the fuel lines down the side pod. This would allow for a fuel cooler on the return line (low pressure). After a days driving on tour the tank gets warm like a nice bath.

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