dry build of the engine

So, the build is progressing nicely – I’ve got the sump most of the way there, and learned a reasonable amount of stuff as I go. I’m now at the point where serious chassis surgery is on the cards to get the engine mounted further back and at the right ride height. I can’t do any of these things until I have a dry-build of the engine.

By dry-build, I mean assembling it without gaskets, fluids, or inconvenient cranks.

I originally started with this mucky oily disgusting mess as I stripped the block down. The more astute among you will notice the cat-litter on the floor soaking up the oil dripping out of the engine.



Now I’m at this stage, with the polished rocker and front cover in place, as well as my totally orgasmic Jenvey throttle bodies. They’re DCOE format (original Webber layout I think) and on an SBDev manifold. Go on, click the link to see them in their full glory. You know you want to.





What? You didn’t click? All that red tubular delight and you didn’t click? Alright – here’s another view side on, showing the lovely and compact bellhousing which will hold the new hydraulic clutch.

Again, you can see the side of the block somewhat lets down the finish I have on other parts, so that’ll need scrubbing back and sealing at some point.

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