First Pedal In

Jake the Peg

Here’s the first pedal in, with the box fully bolted down. This is the modified OBP pedal box I made a while ago. OBP were great about what I’d done, especially after I emailed them and jokingly asked if my warranty was still valid.

After I’d bolted everything down, it then dawned on me that I didn’t have clearance to get the clutch-pedal pivot bolt in, so it all had to come out.

I also greased the bolt shank as well (copper grease) just for good measure. The bolt half way up the pedal is for the clevis, so care needs to be taken not to over-tighten or else the pedal won’t move as smoothly as it should do. I’ll get the rest of the pedals in this weekend. Speaking of clevises, the clutch master cylinder is a 0.72 bore, which is

It’s a great feeling to take parts I modified a while ago, and be bolting them into the car for good. Having them fit is even better. The only mistake I made is not allowing for the extra 0.75mm either part has for powder-coating. However, whilst snug, it fits.

3 thoughts on “First Pedal In

  1. Great progress. The blue is a lovely colour. You must be geting close to needing to make the tub and bond it in?

    • I’m just finishing off some of the remedial work now – I had a few bubbles in the gel-coat that needed repairing due to an experiment that wasn’t the most successuful. I tried a new backing material, and it didn’t work. It didn’t wet out too well.

  2. Yup. Pedal box then engine and gearbox in. Then tub.

    I’ve been distracted by 3D printing at the moment. I want to make parts like brackets as well as bucks for moulds. I’m going for CF engine mounts.

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