Lots of goodies arrived this week

IMG_2801So, this lot arrived this week. A full dry-sump kit and electric water pump. Lots of shiny. I had intended to bolt a lot of it on this weekend, but then I ended up lying around on the sofa a lot.

4 thoughts on “Lots of goodies arrived this week

    • Alternator will be a small diahatsu model. No plan yet to choose it. I will finish the engine first. Once it’s done I can seal it and then safely move it back to the garage. I’m working on it in my office.

      • I ask because in my chassis I did not have the space to locate the alternator on the hot side so had to go low cold side, I’m also using the small Diahatsu 40a unit. Luckily my dry sump has an internal oil pump, otherwise packaging would have been very tight. having said all of that, the titan kit looks amazing.

  1. I didn’t know you’d gone dry-sump as well. The internal kits looked good but I went with SBDs system. It plumbs in nicely with the oil cooler and they know it inside out. I saw a nice trick on a race car for tensioning alternators: a small turnbuckle. Easy to change and as long as you can locate the turnbuckle onto the block somewhere.

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