More additions to the weight loss programme

So, all the lovely things arrived from RWD Motorsport today to attach the engine to the gearbox. I don’t have time to fit them yet (need to get the old engine out), but I did at least bother to weigh one crucial component – the flywheel. I’ve logged the new weight here in the weight loss programme page, but here is the headline figure: 12.7 down to 3.2.

That’s a scary loss of weight, and hopefully it doesn’t make the car undrivable. It should also be exciting with the AP Racing clutch that’s going in. So far, only my friends Jon, Sasha and I have managed to drive it without stalling. This new transmission installation will take it much closer to race-car in it’s feel; it should now at least give them a challenge.

And for your visual delectation, here it is in the flesh, next to the monster duratec item, or as my friends would say: Pics, or it didn’t happen.

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