Prep for the Dry-Sump


So, there are a couple of things that need to change if you’re running ARP crank cradle bolts on the titan dry-sump. The bolts are 2mm too long. I wizzed them down to Simon and Cornering Force, and we span them in the lathe and took 2mm off them. The results are below.


imageThen they go into the block again and the nuts spin on. They needed a little finishing off after the lathing. Firstly the sides needed a 60 degree chamfer and Simon has a lot of experience here – he puts the chamfer on so it just meets the thread, and then the nut should start straight away. You can just see a tiny lip at the remainder of the hex head in the middle (there’s about 2mm of recess left). This was filed off with a needle file to remove any overhang and a dremmel (slowest gentlest setting) to remove any protrusion. The top is now perfect.

The bolts spin in to only 4Nm torque (which just so happens to be the torque on my electric screwdriver) so they’re back in the block. There isn’t enough recess left in the top of the bolt to get any more torque in than that anyway.

And yes, the nuts fitted beautifully on the threads. Simon did a great job.

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