Tom Hyland’s blog

I’ve just wandered past Tom Hyland’s build blog and thought I’d link to it and bring it to your attention. It looks as if Tom come across at least one of the issues I have, namely 12mm vs 1/2 inch holes. I even wrote rule 8 about it:

Rule 8: Measure in metric, or risk the end of the world

Use metric. There is no debate. If you have to import parts from a backwards region that doesn’t use metric, keep it quiet and don’t tell anyone. Just remember the scale of the carnage when people are foolish enough to ignore rule 8. When this happens, telescopes are blurry and probes smash into planets. There is one exception to rule 8; it is permissible to buy suspension components in 1/2″ size. Only 1/2 inch. So, realistically you can have any metric size you want, and 1/2″ rose joints and bolts. No exceptions. Well, apart from this one special case.

Followell’s corollary: speed is measured in Miles Per Hour. Suspension travel isn’t.

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