When Engine Cranes Attack

So, this went wrong – terribly, awfully wrong. There’s a video to show you just how wrong it went.

I was lifting my shiny new engine and shiny new gearbox into the chassis to start work on the engine mounts and I had a catastrophe. Normally when I lift it in, I take it in from the side and pivot it. This time, in order to make my life easier (ha!) I had it on an engine crane pivot mount because there was only me. The pivot mount has a cranking handle that lets one change the angle of the engine. However, what it doesn’t do is give one the same pivoting as a nylon strap.

Long story short, I toppled the crane over, into my tool chests, and smashed 5 drawers over two tool chests, and covered the floor in nuts and bolts.


6 thoughts on “When Engine Cranes Attack

  1. That looks horrific, but at least it appears to have hit things less likely to break it than a concrete floor. Or things more annoying to break: carbon tub, squishy humans or pets, etc.

  2. Yup. Two new tool chests arriving today. I’m now 3d printing custom socket holders for things like sockets in drawers. I’m going full James May.

    I have rubber flooring down which at least helps absorb a lot of damage. The only downside is that small parts that may have landed with a clang and a dent now just ping off under a bench.

    I’ve dropped a mug on the floor and it’s survived.

  3. Woah what a sickener! A timely warning for me though…..
    my engine is currently swinging by engine hoist waiting for me to attach new raw mounts…… will check thoughly before I get under it to attach them !!

    • my own fault though. Normally, I’d swing it around on a nylon strap, and there’s never been an issue going in sideways. This time I decided to be clever and use the crane levelling thing, and I didn’t realise until too late that it didn’t pivot. After the unpleasantness, I rejigged the chassis and how I had it on stands, and this time it’s gone in really well.

      I collect my new tool chests tonight, so I’ve been 3d printing socket holders today, so everything is super tidy.

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