2 thoughts on “Carbon fibre Fuel tank moulds complete

  1. Thanks. This tank will be 50% aramid, essentially the bottom half for impact and penetration resistance. The top will be carbon because I need to cut holes in it, and you can’t cut aramid well. It always frays.

    Firstly I’m going to mock up the tank in fibreglass. I haven’t decided if I’m going to use CSM or eglass. It doesn’t matter, but CSM is cheaper but eglass drapes better. I’m also going to experiment with a new additive I have that cures polyester in ultraviolet, which will mean the test parts cure in minutes.

    I’m making the mockup part because the clearances were tight when I designed it (about 1cm) so I need to be sure I have it right. It also means I can get the positioning for the fuel filler hose, etc. correct and can work out where the mountings are going to get bonded on.

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